Live at the Art House Southampton

My parents had lots of vinyl in the house. A number of them were live albums, many of them with the imaginative title Live at… It’s with a big, happy wink that I choose my title for this post. I would haver never thought I’d introduce myself as Live at anything. But I’m glad it happened.

There’s a place in Southampton called the Art House, and it’s magic. It’s where creativity happens, it’s where people grow, it’s where souls meet. Sometimes when you don’t look for magic it finds you. And that’s how this story began…

I discovered the Art House three years ago through Twitter. There was a red headed woman offering a creativity course online. I wasn’t really interested in creativity, but curious about the e-learning. So I joined. And things started to happen.

I met many wonderful people in the course. We liked it so much that we went from one course to another. Growing our creativity, growing our personalities, growing friendships. When my family decided to go on a holiday to the south of the UK, I thought it was a great chance to meet some of these people in real life. And check out the place where these courses came from. So I went, and we met. It wasn’t one of those meetings where you feel really uncomfortable and suddenly realise you don’t know the other person that well. It was like meeting old  friends.

Little did I know I’d be perfoming on stage there, almost two years later. But it was the only place where this could happen. The only place where I wouldn’t run away. I had cheered to many friends one through Facebook, who went on stage for the first time. After all the “you can do it”, “you did it”, “I’m so sorry I wasn’t there to see you”, chickening out myself just was not on option. So I went, I got nervous, and did it. My favourite part was seeing the listening faces in the audience, and hearing the laughter. If I ever go on stage again, I want the camera to be recording the audience. That’s the part I want to remember 🙂

This one’s for you, love hunter

The ghost of I’m not good enough

The ballad of free reign

9 thoughts on “Live at the Art House Southampton

  1. Dawn D

    Well done you! 🙂
    It was nice to be able to hear you, even though I wasn’t able to understand everything. Old age? Too tired? Too stressed? Who knows! One day I’ll look up this poems and find the written words for them. Thank you for sharing. The audience seemed to have a great time too, I loved hearing their reactions 🙂

      1. Dawn D

        Pfff… I saw that post though, but didn’t remember there were the words to the poems…
        I’ll look at it sometime too But not right now. I’ve still got plenty to do 😉
        Enjoy your nothing at all 🙂

      2. Angela van Son Post author

        Ah, you’re right, it’s only when you click on the links. I could make a really, really, really long post that serves it all with just scrolling. Well, nothing and a beer now. Enjoy your evening!

      3. Dawn D

        I don’t think it’s the accent at all. I think it’s more of a combination of my hearing and the poor sound quality! 🙂

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