Enemy number 1

She watched channel zero. She really did.
Bored to bits by being blatantly alive
Deliberately deaf to her heart’s dull drumming

Eery eyes endlessly staring at the ceiling
Willfully wanting what we call the end
her hair hanging down in hopeless tangles
She lay slouched on a sleazy settee


#NaPoWriMo day 30, I’ve made it! Very happy that we were invited today to take one of our own poems and change the order of the lines, placing the top line at the bottom etc. I choose the draft for Too tired to try. Which has a different last line, as you will notice.

4 thoughts on “Enemy number 1

  1. Dawn D

    Good job on making it!
    I didn’t. Though I sometimes had fun trying 🙂
    Maybe I’ll manage better when I’m not so preoccupied as I was this month. Or when I don’t have so many other things to write about than poetry 🙂

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Just go with the flow is probably what’s best. If the flow didn’t bring poems this time, it didn’t. You have a lot going one. And a lot of interesting writings to explore 🙂

      1. Dawn D

        I don’t think you can force creativity, especially not when you don’t have much time to work at it.
        So I wrote a few poems, and that felt good, and I wrote some other sorts of texts, and I needed to write these as well. so that felt good.
        I’ll get back to more poems another time 🙂
        It doesn’t take anything away from your achievement! 😉

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