To be back home

I left a part of me in Southampton
I know where it’s gone

It’s still wandering through the bluebell wood
admiring the ancient forest
It still on a red settee in the Art House
laughing with Graeme and Jane
It’s still in the audience
loving to see online friends perform
It’s still reading poems on stage
delighted that people are listening

And I wonder
Is it right to leave part of myself behind?
In a different place?
In a different time?
Does it leave a hole?
Is it dangerous?
Am I leaking?

Or can it be done?
Will this little piece of my heart
visit moving voices
while my body is at home?
Will it go beekeeping with Andy
and enter his magical world of knowledge?
Will it hug Lisa, drink a pint, meet Clare
and tell me all about it?

I hope it will.
I don’t want to take that part of me home.


4 thoughts on “To be back home

  1. braincootie

    To be back home: A review

    bit was
    left behind in

    It’s sinking
    Into sumptuous sofas.

    owner fears
    leakage, numerous dangers.

    a truant
    piece of heart.

    quandary touches
    me, you relate.

    times that
    generate such memories.

    understandbly demand
    a happy sacrifice.

    *NaPoWriMo day 29 Challenge was to write a review, this poem was a review of the original poem posted.


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