The author’s preface to the reader

You reader
could desire unpolished impertinent disturbance
pleasant murmuring
that impregnate muses with imperfections, folly and wit

Only this custom will pardon my faults

I have free will
You are property
exposed without a preface


The prompt for #NaPoWriMo day 21 was erasure: taking a pre-existing text and blacking out or erasing words, while leaving the placement of the remaining words intact. Cervantes delivered these words, or actually, his translator. It’s the preface of Don Quichot. It’s day 22 and I’m still participating, I’m excited!

2 thoughts on “The author’s preface to the reader

  1. Dawn D

    Well, done!
    I just may try this one. Having my kids around, my ex being bitchy and other things to write about means that I gave up a bit on the NaPoWriMo thing.
    This one however appeals to me 🙂

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      it’s a great prompt for when there’s not much inspiration coming from within, but when you want to create anyhow. I liked the physical act of blacking out the words. I did one last year that was digital (copy, paste, delete). Using a copied page and a black pencil was much more fun.


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