Too full to write

All this and not ordinary
Diary of a writerbee

Through the open window
I can taste
Dawn’s nights

Sin, confess, repeat
little learner
I am lovely

With a glass of bubbly in my hand
I follow Jane’s musings
and wonder

Is bowing to Hangerfarmerpoets
a storyshucker?
It’s all about manners
Poesy plus polemics can be dangerous

Dark matter or inktuition?
The seekers’s dungeon
is an empty space

Once I was mistaken for a real poet
The well tempered bards called my bluff

I’m too full to write


#NapoWrimo Day 17. The prompt was to try to write a “social media”-style poem. Mine consists of some of the blogs I follow. The title is an ode to my friend, poet David Ellis. He is a wonderful encourager.

17 thoughts on “Too full to write

  1. lrconsiderer

    Wooooow VERY cool! I really like how you’ve used the blog names to make this work. I didn’t have a strategy, I just grabbed stuff I liked the look of 🙂

      1. Angela van Son Post author

        Anything without a syllable count or rhyme scheme is relatively easy for me 🙂 I wonder if I could deal with those prompts in Dutch, I never tried.

  2. Dawn D

    Hey! I had a really full day (and night, yes, you’ll get to read about it soon I hope) yesterday and only see this now. I am in awe at your ingenuity!
    When I saw the prompt and considered how little time I had, I simply gave up. That, added to the fact that aside from WordPress and Facebook, I don’t do social media, and that I don’t mix the two… I really didn’t see how to work through this and didn’t want to put energy into it 🙂
    So I passed yesterday.
    Like you, I wonder if I could make the prompts work in my native tongue, though I don’t think it would be a problem of the language in itself, but rather of my ability to write poetry in it. I’m sure other people would manage quite well, but I have high doubts about myself! Funny!

      1. Dawn D

        No, English isn’t my native language. And I’m afraid I’ll keep you guessing as to what my mother tongue actually is 😉

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