Movie night

A periscope entered the wooden cabin
Searching for signs of the enemy
There was nothing
A cat, a cow, a woman

Suddenly a glass wall appeared
in the middle of the submarine
Sound proof, bullet proof, human proof

They shared
Loneliness, boredom, lack of fresh food, being stuck

Something was missing

The wooden cabin had no chain of command
The submarine did not experience snow


Day 15. I created my own prompt.

3 thoughts on “Movie night

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      I feel that when I rhyme most things I write become so stupid… I lack vocabulary, and I refuse to use a rhyme website for that. Though maybe I could prompt myself to give it a serious try somewhere during NaPoWriMo.

  1. Dawn D

    And what was the prompt then?
    I use a rhyme website without shame, English is not my first language either, and even so, I am sure that lots of words would not come to mind when I am looking for them. This said, I haven’t written many rhyming poems this time around 😉

    Oh, by the way… I love this poem!
    Sounds like the chaos that reigns in my head most of the time 🙂


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