There’s art in that

napowrimo1I guess it’s never too late to be a farmer
Now that my hands are tied
to the hind legs
of a raging bull

It seems a good time
to find out if I can apply
the horse whisperer
(the film, not the book)
to a raging bull

He’s constrained now
but he won’t be
in a minute
when the gates open
after they’ve prodded his balls
with a pitchfork

– or should I rather
the ancient art of peasant whispering?

Well, do I need to explain that?

I guess it’s not too late to be a farmer
The peasants did not take my art too well

They mind pictures of naked women raping bulls
in their butt hole
more than they mind real life violence

I guess it’s the perfect time to become a farmer

Hand me a pitchfork
I’ll show those peasants
what I’m capable of

There’s art in that

The prompt for day 8 was to write a palinode:  a poem in which the poet retracts a statement made in an earlier poem. I chose There’s no art in that.
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