My willow of joy

My willow of sorrow
My willow of joy

You show your strength
when you’re naked

You eternally bring
the first signs of hope

I long to conceal myself
in your green embrace

My willow of sorrow
My willow of joy

Day 5

In the past I’ve had to skip every prompt about nature. I was totally unable to write about it, nothing came. Today I looked at a weeping willow, dressed in the fresh green spots of spring time. The first lines of the poem entered my mind. I was determined to turn them into a poem. To conquer the subject of nature, and to pay tribute to these wonderful trees.

I was wondering: if I skip the picture of a tree, could it be read as a poem about something or someone else. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “My willow of joy

  1. ghostmmnc

    I do like this one. Willow trees are one of my favorites, too. I think it could be about the strength and hope a person gives to another, in a way. 🙂

  2. Dawn D

    I think it could very well be about someone, not just a tree… though I have a thing for trees and find that hugging one is very appeasing.
    Beautifully written. I am struggling with the prompt today… Or maybe it was just too much noise and agitation around for me to concentrate 😉


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