Do you think you can

So you think you can live?
Okay, we’ll call in a jury
You can audition in an hour

What will you perform for us?
A juggling act
with work, family, sports and friends

What will make yours special?
We’ve had many of these already
Mainly women just like you

You’ll do it blindfolded
with your hands tied behind your back
and your feet in a bucket of cold water?

The jury yawned
Not one of those again
They all think they’re special

“Next”, they called
We’ll let you know in two weeks time
Do you think you can wait?

This poem for day 24 of #OctPoWriMo was inspired by the prompt for today, though it diverges from it considerably. I think So You Think You Can Live has potential for a really gloomy poem, or a SciFi horror strory. I just didn’t feel like writing any of those today.

8 thoughts on “Do you think you can

  1. AC Elliott

    I enjoyed this take on everyday people juggling everyday things and thinking they are the only ones that can do it. Well done.

  2. Dawn D

    I have a different take on it… I love the fact that you conveyed so well that women (mostly) juggle things that would seem impossible, yet the difficulty of the at is seldom aknowledged…
    Thank you for speaking out for all of us ‘stay-at-home-moms’ everywhere!

  3. Van Son Coaching

    I love these different readings! Thanks for sharing them. All the comments are really what makes the joy of this challenge (though, to be honest, writing a lot feels good too 😉 )

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