Wishful painting

I yearn for a blank page
(No, I don’t)
I want to paint by numbers
(No, I don’t)

I want a blank page
_delivered with the talent
__to paint the pictures I have in my mind
___to visualise beauty that existed never before
____to express myself in a way that hasn’t been done before
_____and that wil instantly be recognised as a masterpiece
______even though it’s revolutionary

Written for day 23 of OctPoWriMo, using the prompt about turning a new page. If you want to linger on these thoughts a bit longer, this could be a beautiful song to do that with (It didn’t prompt the poem, the connection came after writing it):

11 thoughts on “Wishful painting

  1. Dawn D

    Don’t we all? 😉
    Well written, thanks for sharing your take on this, it’s really putting my mind to work…
    I have finally published too, and am now quite aware that I need to write a light piece next, I don’t seem to deal too well with the emotional way I respond to some of these prompts…
    Tomorrow’s another day!

    1. Van Son Coaching

      You’re not the only one Dawn, there were lots of heavy responses to the prompts. Heavy writing, heavy reading. I’m hoping all the heaviness will help some letting go. Often the letting go needs to be done in little pieces. I do think it’s been helping me. But I’m also in need of writing some lighter stuff now, or some stuff that has more fun involved. To keep the balance 🙂

      1. Dawn D

        Yes, exactly what I felt too!
        And now I have written a few more lighter pieces. Even though I realise I have also let out a lot of me in the last poems, they were not as heartwrenching to write, came more easily.
        I agree, the letting go needed to happen, otherwise my mind wouldn’t have brought me to those thoughts, on that path of words 🙂
        I found that the letting go not only needs to be done in small pieces, it also sometimes needs to happen multiple times before it feels real.

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