A challenge

The prompt was to record one of our own poems we have written this month and share the recording. I’ve never read one of my poems out loud before, not even for my boyfriend. So this was a stretch.

The fact that I’m not hiding from the camera is thanks to an online course by Holly Gillen (formerly Holly Sugrue).

Many thanks to my Facebook friend Graeme Sandford. He’s been around my first attempts at poetry and has challenged and supported me from the beginning. I’ve recorderd sound snippets for him, which also contributes to today. Even more, he’s recorderd some of my short stories or put music to them (check out https://unassortedstories.wordpress.com/a-fools-fairytale/ for example, the recording is at the bottom of the page). I guess he he showed me the worth of putting sound to what I create.

If you prefer to read the text, it’s here. I can assure I’ve made the video by skipping any form of perfectionism. I wouln’t have stood a chance otherwise 😉

15 thoughts on “A challenge

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Aww Holly, thanks, that’s sweet! I missed being in the group and part of the action too. You’ve done lots of things that looked really interesting. I hope to be back soon, but I don’t know how long I need.

  1. Rod E. Kok

    That was phenomenal!! I think the fact that you posted your first attempt made it even better!! Love the poem, love the bubbles, love the lighting and most of all I love your (Dutch?) accent!!

      1. Rod E. Kok

        My parents are Dutch, immigrated to Canada in the 50’s. I still have family in Holland (Ulrum and a couple other places). Dad is Fries, Mom is from Groningen (I think).

  2. Christine

    That was fantastic! You have a wonderful voice for poetry reading, very calming. Your voice just carried me along through the poem. Now that I’ve seen this I may have to take the plunge and do it myself.

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Did you do it Christine? You can post the link here if you like!

      Thanks so much for those lovely compliments. The calm voice may have been enhanced by the fact that I was hiding in the bedroom, trying to make sure that nobody knew what I was doing. I was too embarresed for wanting people in the house to notice. Of course that got better after all these wonderful compliments!

  3. Morgan Dragonwillow

    I am so happy you accepted the challenge and video taped your poem. It is wonderful that you read a poem about perfectionism and allowed yourself to be perfectly imperfect! I love the poem and your reading, thank you so much for sharing and linking up with OctPoWriMo!

    Oh, and I went to Holland as a young girl and thought it was quite lovely! (that is Dutch, right?) I am more than half German and quite a smorgasbord mix of so much more. I was born in California but spent 4 years in Germany (and traveled all over Europe one summer) between the age of 8-12 years of age.

    Congratulations on reading your poem aloud and sharing it with the rest of us!

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Thank you Morgan, and thank you for the challenge! It’s really nice to feel proud about something I dared to do.

      Yes, The Netherlands/Holland is where Dutch comes from. I really like Germany, never been to the US. Travelling through Europe is amazing, there’s so much to see!

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