Get me out of here

He hurt me
My skin curled up
chain mail

He hurt me
My dropping saliva

He hurt me
My tailbone lengthened

He hurt me
My stained teeth

He won’t hurt you
my child
I have built
a protective wall

He won’t hurt you
my child
there’s a moat
filled with poison

He won’t hurt you
my child
I’ll make a lunge
if he approaches

He won’t hurt you
my child
I’ll have his head
on a stake

My dragon
tries to protect me
it does more harm
than it knows

My castle
tries to shield me
it imprisons

My untouched child
you are like sleeping beauty
I’ll need seven dwarfs
to get you out of here

Day 11 of OctPoWriMo. I’m not exactly using the prompt, which is about speaking up for children. This one is more about my inner child. When I wrote this, I kept thinking about the dragons that Nicola Wilson creates. You can find them on her Facebook page and a number on her website.

7 thoughts on “Get me out of here

  1. Dawn D

    This is beautiful. I found it perfect for the prompt. It is about the injustices you stood up to. Which is what this was all about. 🙂
    Sorry you had to go through this though. Hope you manage to recover from it.

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