Birds sing louder without planes

f8cb7dc9ea0f3ad20e76f305f85cd9baa1ff836421d2254f90432cb8e22c520ad12de5f9424ddd2ae5e58e56f3d4805cAs I was sitting in the grass
struggling with existence
a plane flew by

It made me wonder
what I would experience
if I got on it
and extended my flight

If I could choose my experiences
what would I choose right now?

Too stand on top of a mountain
with hiking boots and mittens on?
To swim in salt water
surrounded by fish and reef?

To visit ruins and be amazed
by the skills of culture
and the strength of nature?

Another plane flew by
and another
My pants got wet from the grass

Would I choose to be soothed by nature?
Would I choose to be punished by culture?

I noticed people weren’t on the menu
Not even to talk about the meaning of life

Rock and stones
Water and warmth
Colours and shapes

When I looked around me I noticed
that all that was missing was rock –
I had warm soft moor beneath me

I took off my sandals and listened to the birds
Do you know they sing louder when there’s no plane passing by?

(Wilnis, 23-6-2014)

I read somewhere that on the seventh day you’re allowed to rest… Right? I found an old draft in my note book, one that I wrote as kind of a stream of conciousness thing. I was having a tough day that day and decided to sit still and be quiet for a while, and see what happened (almost like in today’s prompt). At the end of writing this I felt better. I realised I simply wanted to be where I was and nothing else. If I can find the pictures I’ll add them to the post.

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