Unheard of

The sound of silence was ringing in my ears
drowning out all other noise
like the words you said

You did what? Say it again.
You did what?
Say it again.
You did…

oh, look at that cloud, it’s shaped like an apple tree,
the windfall apples scattered at its trunk,
the worms singing songs of decay,
reminding us of rotten leafs,
sugar turning into alcohol

What did you say again?
You did what?

I had only seen the preview of #OctPoWriMo day 5. Now I’ll go and read the prompt 🙂 It has something to do with autumn.

8 thoughts on “Unheard of

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Arghhhhhh 😦 I just anwered on the page of your poem Helena and managed to delete the whole comment. I’m too tired to click the right buttons it seems. I love “the final date”, that’s a great find, and it suits the poem really well. I love the originality of yours.

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