The ballad of free reign

At the bottom there’s a video of me performing this poem. My debut 🙂

He was a knight in broken armor
She was a princess without reins

He was looking for adventure
She didn’t want to be tamed

Out they rode, together
On a palomino horse

Making plans for their future together
Taking nothing but the clothes they wore

They were mugged within an hour
everything they owned was gone

They were left behind unconscious
dressed in naught but blood and mud

He spat out a tooth and grinned
– at least they didn’t take our dreams

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled
– neither our good fortune it seems

Now we have nothing to lose
and that will bring us courage

Courage is quite rare these days
we can sell it by the pound

So off they went and continued their journey
naked and unarmed

They bartered everywhere they went
Refusing cash payments in any form

Courage cannot be bought they said
You can only gain it through work that you’ve done

They bartered for food and shelter
They bartered for stories and games

They never bartered for clothes
But then the winter came

To be clothed would cost them courage
To stay naked was certain death

She refused to settle down for the winter
He blamed her for her pigheadedness

They couldn’t agree to disagree
or compromise to keep the peace

She left him one night
without a word
but with a broken heart

He traded his last courage
for pants and a shirt
and a place to keep him warm

For food he sold grief
to people who couldn’t mourn

A man with a broken heart
was a rare thing where he lived
and his legend grew quickly

Since money couldn’t heal his broken heart
he quickly became the richest man around

Then one day a palomino horse came to town
He broke down and couldn’t stop crying
Please take everything I own with you
I can see my dreams are dying

After he sent his fortune away
His free range princess returned one day
I have half a heart to offer you she said
I’ve eaten the rest to keep me alive

He was a knight with no armor
She a princess with half a heart
They reigned there life together
I will forever be their bard

Day 3 of OctPoWriMo. This is a poem I edited today to create the definite version. Later on tI’ll write a brand new poem, I was just too eager to publish my contribution for day 3 and feel like I’ve caught up.

Performed at The Art House, South Hampton, on April 24 2015


16 thoughts on “The ballad of free reign

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Really interesting to read how you experienced it as a reader. I guess this is how I experienced it as a writer too.
      I remember when I finished writing it and I thought it was no good and needed to be turned into a story. When I read it again after a few days, I got an unexpected twist: I kinda liked it 🙂

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