First we take Berlin

I was there when it started
man, you should have been there
February 23
We were on fire, you and me

We wrote history
we set the world on fire
we torched the system
we taught those motherfuckers

You should’ve seen her burn
that democratic idol
temptress of the masses
spreading sickness by her golden tits

She deserved what she got
two tongued tramp
harbinger of our exploitation

But what good did it bring us?
February 23

They never caught us
oh no
we set up some communist sucker
to take the blame

But that dim wit
peanut balled
broom lipped
stole our canvas

With crude brush strokes
no sense of perspective
and abominable shading
he ruined our masterpiece

Man, you should’ve seen it
we ruined that Reichstag motherfucker

Burn baby burn
political bollocks inferno

Repeat after me: February 23, 1933

My second go at a New York School poem, because I find the form (well, form…) fascinating. I didn’t want it to be in New York though, and I wanted to give history a try.

My first New York School Poem is called This one’s dedicated to you, love hunter. I love how this type of prompt challenges me to write way outside my comfort zone, and makes me really sit down to write a poem. They are difficult but fun.

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