Rescue me

This longing from within
I see it rising

It’s a devil in disguise
It’s a creature from the deep sea
its eyes are blind
yet it can see
it sees me

It has a beak
sharp teeth
sharp claws
a pointy tail

Its scales are orange and silver
and she slides
she slithers

She turns out to be a mother
a whore, a wife
bearing children from many fathers
giving birth, giving life

Life unwanted
they didn’t want to be born this way
by copied sin
fading with every copy

She’s a devil in disguise
her vile breath
when it reaches the air

She’s a creature from the deep sea
without ears
yet she hears me
she hears me call

Rescue me

2 thoughts on “Rescue me

  1. graemesandford

    The change where the ‘monster’ is then female changes the character of the monster considerably. I like how you achieved 2 phases here. PS excuse sleepy comment as just at Sydney off to Hong Kong. G;)

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