In love with Babylon

do come easy to me.
They’re a flood,
they are hard to stop.

They fill my mind up
with endless observations
interpretations, evaluations
considerations, variations
infatuations –

with other people’s words,
who can make them dance,

conveying images, thoughts, meanings,
insights feelings

translating their brain
to mine
with slight alterations
and hesitations –

Will I catch their drift?
Will I see what they see?
Will I understand how they feel?
Will I get what they mean?

Will I see who they are
and hear what they are saying?
Will I reflect
or reject?

Will I judge
and search for the first stone
because I know what I mean
and what life is like in my shoes?

4 thoughts on “In love with Babylon

  1. TooFullToWrite

    Interesting concept here, how you feel manipulated by words and how you try to control them. My favourite bit is dance, fence, prance, hence – it is like you are duelling and swordfighting with words 🙂

    1. Angela van Son Post author

      Feedback by poetic people is the most well voiced feedback there is, thank you! I’m not sure I agree with your interpretation, and I like that: it makes me discover new meanings/new possibilities in what I wrote.

      1. TooFullToWrite

        Exactly Angela, that is why I value this type of contact too. You have a very strong voice in your poems and I am enjoying them immensely. The problem is with all of the noise that there is going on in the background with life, it can be hard to focus on one thing and this is why I try to be honest with my feedback. It is an opinion only, you are the master and the talented individual but if I inspire you in different directions then for me that is truly magical!

      2. Angela van Son Post author

        It’s one of the things I treasure about NaPoWriMo, the writing, the reading, the exchange, the new discoveries.

        I can assure you I will spend some more days wondering in what ways what you say is true too – for of course it is. Words can be manipulating and I like to control them. Words are so rich – and yet imperfect for what they are meant for: conveying meaning. Words are an endless inspiration.

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