Forbidden fruit

It wasn’t the plucking of the apple
that got them thrown out of Paradise
Children misbehave
and God knew his children would do too

It wasn’t the eating of the apple
that got them expelled
Children maken mistakes
and God forgives

It wasn”t the knowledge part
that did them in
Children grow older and wiser
that’s how it’s supposed to be

It was the constant nagging
he couldn’t stand
The I know better than you do attitude they displayed

all day

Complaining how this tree should have stood a bit more to the left
and how there should have been more shade in a Paradise
Criticizing how the gorilla would have looked better with a tail
and you wouldn’t say the axolotl was created by intelligent design

“You obviously don’t know what you’ve got!”
he thundered
so he paved Paradise
and put up a parking lot

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