In the name of the father

I still remember
how I fell
when I took my first steps
I stretched out my hands
one at mother
one at you
but you didn’t take it
and I fell

I remember
you were at my graduation
sitting in the audience
with a tablet in your lap
checking the stock markets
When everybody applauded me
you swiped

you were at my wedding
Your presence could be counted
by the trail of empty glasses
It was you who stepped on them
shattered them to pieces
not even noticing that could bring us luck

I look for you in empty caskets
knowing I’ll find you there some day
with an absent look on your face
still not willing to listen
when I talk

I pray
In the name of the father
In the name of the son
In the name of

This poem came to me after reading an impressive poem by Gabriel Moreno. If you like, you can see him read that poem here.

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