5 thoughts on “Misfortune cookies

  1. hangerfarmpoets

    Beware of yourself.
    For: you have no bite; are all mouth and trousers; your warning sign has fallen off the gate; and your wall has become unattached from its shelf.

    You shall be dazed and confused when you look into the mirror.
    For: the visions and images that occupy your mind are but shadows and chimeras of the blind. The bright light has faded and the curtains were drawn in error.

    Home is not where your house is.
    For: You have no idea where you live; where you are meant to be; and your hat, wherever it lies, is just your hat; and that’s the way that it is.

    Do not try, for you will fail.
    For: it is better to have loved a short woman than not to have loved a tall. When doves cry, then shall sirens wail.

  2. TooFullToWrite

    Lol – misfortune cookies – genius! 🙂 What a concept – I could make about a million haikus out of these. Brilliant. (Do not try for you will fail – teeheehee!)

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