Angry poem

Will you fucking please start loving yourself?
I’m angry because you don’t
Quit that freaking horsewhippin’ bitch slappin’ flagellation
It’s fake and you know it
You’re just scared

Scared of all you have to offer
and what this might bring to the world
Scared of all you can do
and how this would influence your loved ones
and yourself

I want you to stand up and rise to your occasion
to tell me what you want
what you really really want

Speak up
Don’t be a sequel
Make mistakes
and love them
just as much as you love you

But for that to happen
you have to start freaking loving yourself
And yes, I want you to do that now
I don’t want to be reasonable in what I ask of you
it doesn’t serve you

And don’t forget that I’m angry
I’m angry!

I’m angry for all the missed opportunities
and the pain they caused
I’m angry for all the loneliness
that didn’t need to happen

I’m angry for the confusing masks
that separate you from the world

I’m angry for the needless divides, the crevices, the ravines
that separate you from me
both in my brain
and physical reality

I’m angry for the self hatred
I’m angry for the sadness
I’m angry because I love you

(created for #NaPoWriMo prompt 12)

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